Historic & Current Client Experience

Over the years Rockett & Flecha Digital has had the pleasure to work with a vast number of clients across many industries and sectors.  Focused on strategy, planning, measurement, advanced analytics, and cross-channel, multi-touch attribution, R&F Digital has helped numerous Clients succeed by expanding their opportunities and maximizing performance.

Retail / E-commerce

Holistic measurement, data integration and advanced analytics allows R&F Digital to understand how consumers engage with offline and online media prior to converting.  Once you have the knowledge of who your consumers are, and how to segment them based on habits, you can provide an enhanced experience to drive the desired action.

Finance & Insurance

When you talk about privacy, the finance and healthcare sectors are the most guarded and protected for good reason.  When working with clients in these industries our data is limited due to these protections so we have to adjust and find other ways to connect the consumer to final conversions. Open lines of communication with clients allows us to better identify the triggers that are driving new customer acquisition and optimize our efforts to maximize performance.

Other:  Tourism, CPG, Lead Generation

Re-branding, launching new products and driving qualified leads can be difficult. R&F Digital believes in building a strong, strategic foundation to ensure our marketing and messaging are aligned with long-term goals.  Once campaigns are live, monitoring the performance of the online activity is not enough.  Often times, there are offline variables which can greatly impact performance.  Identifying those variables, integrating performance data with disparate data, and applying advanced analytics to find actionable insights, allows us give our Clients a major advantage over the competition.