Holistic Planning & Measurement

Scalability is hindered by limited insights when brands are not tracking their marketing activity through one source of truth that is able to capture onsite and offsite interactions

Attribution Modeling

When you are able to understand how channels and tactics work together to drive a desired action, you can then begin to optimize to overall performance

Strategy & Execution

A leadership team with 40+ years of agency experience across some of the biggest brands in the world bring their clients unparalleled expertise with the ability to execute on strategies to drive goals

Foundation & Fundamentals

When you partner with Rockett & Flecha you quickly realize that they are not like the agencies you may have worked with in the past. Their core business is built upon transparency, education and ensuring your marketing, measurement and data goals are aligned to drive long-term success.

Data Driven Decisions

Leveraging insights derived from holistic data measurement, they help clients understand and, invest in, the specific channels and customer touch points proven to drive incremental ROI.

Next Steps...

Rockett & Flecha are always available for their current clients and prospective clients - we encourage you to reach out to discuss if there may be opportunity for a partnership or to just expand their relationships.