Who Are We

Rockett & Flecha is a digital marketing agency that works directly with marketers, as well as traditional and digital advertising agencies to ensure marketing and data strategies are aligned with long-term goals.

Our Approach

Data is the foundation of their approach, which begins with a holistic measurement and data strategy. Unifying these directives is critical in creating one source of truth.  Once this fundamental base is established, Rockett & Flecha aligns all marketing activity to ensure maximum synergy and effectiveness. This process allows our clients to experience accelerated marketing performance through our proprietary multi-touch attribution solution and suite of advanced analytics reporting.

Meet the Leadership

Founding partners Mark Rockett and Ben Flecha combine for more than 40 years’ experience in the advertising and marketing industry, with greater than half of that time spent in the digital marketing arena.


Mark G Rockett


Mark has been in the unique position of learning digital from its inception as a viable advertising medium, buying advertising from Google when it sold two listings at the top of the SERP on a CPM basis. Because of his early entry into digital, Mark has been able to master each channel as it was introduced to the market. After search came Email (eCRM), Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Social, all the way through to Video and Mobile. This experience has allowed him to understand all digital advertising channels deeply and, more importantly, how they work together to achieve an Advertiser’s goals and objectives harmoniously.

For the last 19 years of his 26-year career in marketing and advertising, Mark has been knee deep in the digital advertising space. In 2008, Mark created his first attribution model and has been enhancing and perfecting it ever since.  A self-proclaimed data geek, Mark is a non-stop learner and problem-solver with both a will and a knack for educating and creating excitement about interactive media.

In 2014, Mark’s Agency, Rockett Interactive, was purchased by the Dentsu Aegis Network and folded into iProspect. Rockett Interactive was an eleven-year-old company that specialized in performance marketing, specifically SEM, display media, holistic measurement, and attribution modeling.  Prior to starting Rockett Interactive, Mark managed digital media at The Martin Agency in Richmond, VA.



Ben Flecha


Ben Flecha has been fortunate to pursue excellence in holistic traditional and digital marketing. Always building on his Detroit agency roots, he’s established himself as a respected and dynamic leader in the marketing field. Through inclusivity and a true passion for mentoring others, Ben has built teams and client relationships that have fully engaged the capabilities of both. He has helped clients scale effectively and function efficiently with his expertise in paid media, holistic planning, data strategy, and attribution. His keen insights and marketing know-how help to ensure his clients are laying the foundation for long-term success.

In 2010, Ben joined Mark at Rockett Interactive to help grow the agencies media planning and buying capabilities. After a few weeks, he found himself diving head first into data and analytics to uncover efficient and effective opportunities for their clients media dollars. Over the coming years, Ben and Mark worked together to enhance and build out the agencies attribution and advanced analytics offerings to drive their clients performance and scalability while creating a leading agency in the digital marketing & analytics space.